Possible Scam Alert for Online Craft Suppliers

Although this blog should relate to craft supplies and ideas, I feel the need to share this possible scams which online sellers should pay attention to.

I have almost become the victim, thanks to Google Search, and other sellers who have shared about this, so I am also writing this to hope, if anyone suspects on large orders they are receiving, a google search will help to find more information and avoid them being ripped off.

In April, I received an Email from Aris Millen, with the following content:


I am interested in some products. But before i proceed,

Kindly inform me on:

– Shipping to Hamilton, Bermuda (if possible) ?
– Minimum order quantity ?
– If credit card is accepted ?
– Delivery lead time ?
– Do you have a catalog price list?

I would really appreciate a reply as soon as possible.

Aris Millen


This looks like a standard pre-sales email, so I replied with our standard answers and terms.

After a month, in May, we received a reply from Aris Millen saying that they would like to place an order for 760 packs of Rhinestones, this is really a big order for us. But they said they have an issue with DHL, Fedex, etc, and require us to ship with their designated delivery company, Ace Choice Delivery. They gave me an email address acechoicedelivery@outlook.com and asked me to get a shipping quote from them.

We used to sell online and ship worldwide, so their requests look very normal to us. So I emailed Ace Choice Delivery and asked for a quote. They replied me quickly with a quote of US$3790 for shipping a 10kg package to Bermuda address:

Ariga Store
21 Harrington Sound Road,
Hamilton, HS 02

I was very shocked to receive a quote for $3790 to ship 10kg package, I then also get a quote from DHL and EMS, in hope of giving my customer a cheaper options for shipping. DHL quoted for $1000 and EMS $250.

So I gave Aris Millen the cheaper options, but I am even shocked to know she said she is willing to pay $3790 to use Ace Choice Delivery, and asked me to send an invoice so she will give me her credit card details for charges.

Everything seems safe to us, I get the money first, then ship the orders.

While I am working on the Proforma Invoice, I started to feel suspicious. I don’t believe a customer from Bermuda is willing to pay $3790 for shipping fees, the merchandise only costs $2700. So I searched on Internet, and found that this is a possible scam.

Suspicious #1: They asked me to contact Ace Choice Delivery, I googled it, there is only a company named Ace Delivery, but not Ace Choice Delivery

Suspicious #2: The email address for Ace Choice Delivery is @outlook.com, why they don’t have their own domain like @acechoicedelivery.com ?

Suspicious #3: I searched on Google Map for the delivery address, it does not show any business at that address.

Suspicious #4: They ordered 7 colors of our Rhinestones under alphabetical order, it does not make sense. It looks like that they just open our website, then select the first 7 products.

I don’t really understand how they will get their money back, but reading that some other online craft supplies store has reported scam about Bermuda orders, I plan to stop replying emails from this customer.

I hope everyone who is planning to do business with this Bermuda address, will find my story about this online scam and consider again if you’re like to continue the business with them.





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How to pick up rhinestones?

In older days, people use Tweezers to pick up rhinestones, but that is a very tiring way to pick up rhinestones, because you will need to use your fingers to control the Tweezers.

Now, with a Rhinestones picking pen, it’s as easy like a piece of cake!

Just hold the pen like usual, then tip the pen on a rhinestone to pick it up!


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What’s the difference between Swarovski rhinestones and Asian rhinestones sold in Qrhinestones’s Store?

I believe this is the most frequently asked question which I received every day.
There is no doubt that Swarovski produces the best crystal rhinestones for the Century, and I believe it will go on to be the best rhinestones producers in the future. But, why would you still want to consider buying rhinestones other than Swarovski?

There are few reasons or differences you may want to consider about:

(1) Price: Swarovski is by far the most expensive rhinestones in the market. You will need to spend around $50 to get 10 gross of Swarovski rhinestones. For Asian rhinestones, which we are selling majorly, are $7.9+ for 10 gross. If you are looking for an economic way to do some artwork or crafts, Asian rhinestones will be a very good choice to you.

(2) Quality: No doubt that Swarovski has been the best in all kinds of rhinestones. They are 16-facet cut (in the latest 2088 art. no.), and made with very high quality crystal materials, which makes reflections and refraction very good. For Asian rhinestones in our store, they are 12-facet, but this does not meant they are not sparkly. A 12 facet rhinestones is good enough for reflections and refractions. And for the crystal materials, they are also made with very high quality crystal materials for the best reflection effects.

This photo is showing our Qrhinestones crystal rhinestones in Jounqil color:


To conclude, Asian rhinestones have only 12 facets while Swarovski crystals have 16 facets, but Asian rhinestones are only 20% of the cost you will need to pay for Swarovski. The ROI of Asian rhinestones is very high and thus is a very economical yet high quality alternative to Swarovski.

We offer a sample pack of mixed sized crystal rhinestones at our store with $4.90 only.

Please come shop and try it out.

Email sales@qrhinestones.com for any questions!

How to choose rhinestones?

If you’re new to Rhinestones, the first question that comes up in your mind must be “How to Choose Rhinestones?” or “which rhinestones to buy?”

No matter in local stores or on Internet, they are many, many choices of various kinds of rhinestones. So, how to choose the right rhinestones to buy?

Choosing high quality rhinestones

For rhinestones to appear in high quality, several factors have to be considered, they are: cut, clarity and brilliance.

Cut – the more the facets, the more the sparkle it has
Currently, Swarovski’s rhinestones are having most facet cut, they are 16 facets (Article No. 2088). Czech’s Preciosa and Qrhinestone‘s rhinestones are 12 facets.

Clarity very much depends on the lead content of the rhinestones, all high quality rhinestones are lead-crystal. Swarovski has made up their own special formula on the percentage of lead content, which makes their rhinestones having a very high degree of clarity. Some shops are now selling lower cost acrylics rhinestones that are made of acrylic (plastic), not lead crystal, these rhinestones cannot be considered to be a very quality one.

The factor of cuts, together with high quality lead-crystal, this determines the degree of Brilliance.

How to determine if the rhinestones is good to buy?
1) check the no. of facets (buy 12 or above facets rhinestones, don’t buy rhinestones that are having 10 facets or less)
2) check the rhinestones materials, always buy rhinestones made of crystal/glass, do not buy acrylic rhinestones
3) check the back of rhinestone, matt-silver foiled back is always the best to buy for rhinestones (except if you’re looking for hotfix rhinestone, which has a glued back)

If you’re looking for a economical alternative to Swarovski’s rhinestones, we would suggest you to take a look on the rhinestones selling at our Online Store, they are much cheaper than Swarovski’s yet is in very high quality that is comparable to them.

Which size of rhinestones are best to use for bedazzling a Phone Case?

When it comes to choosing the appropriate size of rhinestones to be used, different people will have different preferences. However, there is generally a preferred size to be used on decorating phone cases.

At Qrhinestones, we recommend customers to use ss10 (2.8mm) or ss12 (3.0mm).

If you are applying the rhinestones onto the phone cases to form patterns, we would suggest you to use ss10, this is because smaller rhinestones will let you make the pattern more easily with less gaps formed, and is more precise.

The below image shows a phone case made of ss10 (2.8mm):


If you dont need to form any patterns on the case, just for plain color, then we would suggest you to use ss12 (3mm), because when no pattern is required to form, gaps are less likely to occur and we can just use a little bit larger rhinestones as they have larger facets when compare to ss10, so they reflects more shines.


TIPS: Always prepare a small quantity of smaller sized rhinestones

When doing phone case decoration, remember you should always prepare a small amount of smaller sized rhinestones, to fill up the gaps. Smaller sized rhinestones recommended are ss6 (2mm). This is because when you make up a pattern with the rhinestones, there are always gaps form which cannot be covered up by the larger rhinestones, so it’s a good idea always prepare some smaller rhinestones, say 100 pieces should be enough.


When you decorate a phone case, choose the major size of rhinestones to be used (ss10 or ss12), then also prepare a small qty of smaller rhinestones (ss6) which will be used to fill up any gaps that cannot be covered by the larger rhinestones.

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How to remove glue off rhinestones?

How to remove glue off rhinestones? This is yet another very frequently asked questions in craft forums.
I’d answer…. No, there is not any very effective way to remove glue residue from rhinestones surface if it has already set (hardened/ dried).

So, we need to Prevent it from happening, instead of finding a Solution to it.

What’s your rhinestones made of?
Before knowing what to do, and how to prevent it, we will need to know what is your rhinestones made of. The material of your rhinestones may causes a different result.

If you’re rhinestones are plastic (acrylic) made, then it’s very likely that the acetone glue will cause a clouding affect on the rhinestones surface. And, it’s irreversible. i.e we cannot return it to sparkle.

If you’re using crystal (glass) made rhinestones, you can remove the glue before it dries by alcohol. But this can be only done before the glue dries. Once the glue is set, it’s not likely to remove them.

Prevention is the key to solve the problem

To prevent the glue over-flooding the rhinestones, the type of glue and amount of glue used is very important. We highly recommend customers to use “45 mins Slow Setting 2-part Epoxy Glue” (click here to see earlier post regarding the use of epoxy glue), this kind of glue is easy to use, providing a very high strength and makes the gluing process easier.

The key is, only apply a thin layer of glue and use Rhinestone picking pen to place the rhinestones on top of the glue, so the glue wont flood the rhinestones., I have talked about Tips on gluing rhinestones, click here to read our earlier post.

Some people like to apply nail coating on top of the rhinestones, they thought it can bring back the brilliance of the rhinestones and to hold the rhinestones better, unfortunately, it cannot.
If the rhinestones are crystal made, it should not be coated, because crystal rhinestones has its own brilliance, it does not require external coating to help it shines. the coating will only diminish its sparkles.

If you have any further question about Glue, please leave your comment here.

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TSUM TSUM Plush Toys

TSUM TSUM Plush Toys bedazzled!


How to apply coupon code on Qrhinestones.com?

How to apply your Coupon Code on Qrhinestones Online Store?  
In Qrhinestones.com, After you have added the items into your Shopping Cart, click “View Cart” to bring you to the Shopping Cart page.

In your Shopping Cart page, enter the Discount Code in the field, then click “Apply”, as shown below:












After you have clicked “APPLY”, the Grand Total will be refreshed with the discounts included.



That’s simple and direct!
Happy Shopping!


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Thank you!

How to distinguish Resin Rhinestones vs Crystal Rhinestones

This has been a frequently asked questions, how to distinguish the Resin Rhinestones (or Acrylic Rhinestones) with Crystal Rhinestones. With the advancement in technology, resin rhinestones have been looking much closer to crystal rhinestones. Especially if you only use your naked eyes without touching it, it might be hard to tell which are resin rhinestones and which are crystal rhinestones.

Here we introduce a method to distinguish it with a Lighter.

First, we are going to use a forcep to hold the rhinestones and heat it by a Lighter for 5 mins, or as long as you see a black film appear. Then, let the rhinestone cools and wash it under water. If the rhinestones are made of crystal, it will return glossy after washing.

However, if the rhinestones are made by Acrylic or Resin, it will be melted by heat when burning it with the Lighter.

This is the ultimate way to distinguish whether the rhinestones is crystal or not.

In upcoming posts, I’ll talk about other ways to judge the materials of the rhinestones. Stay tuned!